The Gift from M.A.D.: You must never forget to smile to the sad face stranger that you meet down the road. Your smile will create a spark of happiness in his/her heart.   Each morning, each day I wake up, I must be a better person than the person that I was the day before.   A heart without love to give to others is like a dried up spring, without water to quench the thirst of travelers.    When two strangers meet and greet each other sincerely, it is one more step toward peace in the world.    Each dawn of day brings to us new time slots to insert fresh new good deeds.   The sunset of each day must spread its golden rays upon our bouquet of daily good deeds.    We all carry inside our heart a little corner where the kindness tree can grow and flourish. Let us plant it and nurture it well.   All of us must swallow humankind’s past history with a strong grain of salt. Some, with the Courage to acknowledge the guilt of their forefathers. Others, with the strength to arrive at Total forgiveness.   Dark! Dark! Dark are the clouds! Our children are being gunned down, and we still adore our guns!   "La violence, lance des violents pour violer la vie". Violence, lance of the violents to violate life.    Kindness is a gentle prairie in which only a flower named “breedlove” grows.   Long, long to be a world wanderer wearing sandals whose soles weed out Conflicts and hatred, and swinging arms and hands which sow kindness and love!    Weeds of hatred seldom grow where the kindness tree casts its shadow.   The kindness inside your heart may be reflected in your eyes and then travel deep into a soul longing for kindness.   A truly kind heart can bring as much warmth onto others as the hottest sunrays.   Each evening, I long to rest my head on the pillow of kind deeds I confected During the day.   Let us all use the pollen of the kindness flower to sweeten our morning teas and coffees.    When you wake up in the morning, let the Book of Life stand open in the palms of your hands. Turn page after page until you reach the pages of kindness. And read! Read about the kindness of the sunray that warms up your body, the kindness of the tree-leaf that saves a dewdrop for the bird chick, the kindness of the butterfly’s wings that mesmerize your eyes, the kindness of the songbird whose melody Charms your ears, the Kindness of the fluffy cloud that uplifts your troubled soul to a heavenly journey… Yes, kindness lays hidden around us where we the least expect it to be. It lays dormant In us too. We must unplug its dormant spring every single morning. Copyright Denize Lauture - May 2017    Kindness is not charity. It is an act of genuine love onto others that will be returned to us.   Kindness is a gentle and safe bridge between us and other human beings.   Please, do not count or measure the kind deeds you perform because you cannot count or Measure the ones that you, yourself, keep receiving in your life.    An act of total kindness must be accomplished without any expectation of reciprocity.   Please, remember that we may help multiply kindness by simply being kind to one person at a time.   When, on a lucky day, kindness knocks on your heart’s walls, welcome it with open arms, always.   Practice the virtue of kindness with fervent devotion and the word kindness itself will flash everywhere sunlight casts your shadow.

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